Reforming Worcester, South Africa: 

A Strategy To Establish A Culture Of Communal Productivity

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Hervormende Worcester, Suid-Afrika: 

'N Strategie Om 'N Kultuur Van Gemeenskaplike Produktiwiteit Te Vestig 

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Poverty has devastated individuals, families, cities and nations for centuries. About five hundred years ago, the city of Geneva was able to see a complete transformation and eradication of poverty. Today in Worcester, poverty is still destroying individuals, families and parts of the city. What can we learn from the fruitful journey of Geneva that could be applied centuries later? What could bring transformation to our city here in South Africa and restore order, beauty and abundance?

In the 25 years that Calvin served in Geneva, this small city-state’s overwhelming poverty had almost totally been overcome and replaced by a vibrant economy. In this thesis the reader will discover what the seven main factors were that Calvin implemented to achieve such a remarkable result, how this was possible in such a short time, and what we can learn from these factors to increase the productive lives of the citizens of Worcester. To establish the current state of Worcester concerning the seven main factors, a qualitative research was conducted, which served as a basis to develop a strategy to establish a culture of communal productivity in Worcester in the next 25 years.

The concept of The Hesed Home (a place where God's unfailing, affectionate and merciful loving-kindness is experienced and modelled) was created and introduced which may serve as guidance in the journey of reforming and transforming Worcester. In conclusion it is proposed that some of Worcester’s righteous men and women of God (Tsaddiqim) provide collaborative leadership after the example of The Clapham Sect, which achieved great transformational outcomes in the late 18th and early 19th centuries in the British Empire. Worcester can be transformed into our Hesed Home in only 25 years. Let us unite and build it together.

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